July 2017 musings

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Trying out a new format for this blog that is more ‘mentally healthy’. I thought word vomit would help, instead it created a cycle of shit which I would very much like to end.

Instead, I’m very much into listing things lately in my physical journal, so I figured it would be fun to include my ‘currents’ on here (books, movies, etc). And as my mindfulness learning says, ‘one day at a time’. Anyhow, heres some current favorites for this month:


The only book I’m *attempting* to be consistent with is the CBT/DBT workbooks. Since I can’t find any appropriate BPD groups in NJ, me and Brian are trying our own personal 1 hour groups once or twice a week. So far so good, they’re easy reads and also include worksheets and interactive media if you register the book. They have a bunch of different self help books available at New Harbinger.


Among the changes I’m desperately trying to make this month, I’m also attempting a consistent self-care routine. Some of these products I’ve used for years, and some are new and quickly becoming favorites. Everything I use is absolutely cruelty-free, as I refuse to purchase otherwise. I’ve also become pretty minimalist when it comes to self care the past couple years. Aside from my splurge items I use strictly for my second job as a dancer (Lorac foundation/powder is life), I tend to lean towards an easy/budget friendly/convenient and effortless self care routine.

When it comes to drug store items, I always purchase either E.L.F, Milani, Wet n Wild, and Physicians Formula (all certified cruelty-free via Cruelty-Free Kitty). I could care fucking less over social media beauty hype, so I always do my research before purchasing any new products.

Heres just a few (from the top):

1. Beauty/Health:

Physicians Formula

I love love love Physicians Formula organic CC creams. Being that I need full coverage and color correction from acne scars, I feel that the Physicians Formula CC creams fit the bill without using any color correction/primer underneath. Since its hot as balls out and I just hate heavy makeup as is, the Work it! sweatproof version is awesome. I do change it up for winter, but I mainly stay within their organicwear line of products. I’ve also recently purchased their Bright Booster Elixer, which I put on before the cc cream, its a dry oil which gives a very subtly brightening effect, emphasize SUBTLE, my skin is fucked so it’s hard to tell a difference but it does seem to give my skins appearance a little luster. Lastly, I top that with their Murumuru butter bronzer, which smells heavenly, a little medicated Burts Bees lip balm and I’m good to go.


I recently found this stuff through Amazon. I’m always on the prowl for a good organic, flouride-free toothpaste that tastes good. I LOVE lemon, so decided to give this a try and have purchased it 3x already. Its def an acquired taste, and has a earthy gritty texture, but I really like it. I also buy my eco friendly bamboo handled toothbrushes through amazon, which are way cheaper than the shitty plastic drugstore ones, plus after a couple months instead of tossing them, I use the handles as garden labels.

2. Aromatherapy

The past year I’ve been really into using aromatherapy and natural oils for healing. Theres a bunch of different ultrasonic diffusers under $20 floating around, this one I happen to find at Target to try out last year, it hasn’t malfunctioned once and I use it almost daily. Eventually I want to invest in a bigger and spa quality version, but for now this works. The oils pictured I just bought today at bed bath and beyond. Using 20% off coupons these babies were only 3 bucks each! Looking up the company Natures Truth, they are certified organic and gluten-free, a plus!

3. Tea

For years I have been a devotee of tea, hoarding and trying countless teas. I’m getting a little tired of typing on my iPhone so I’m just going to list my three current favorites: Brutaliteas, Two leaves and a bud Genmaicha, and Traditional Medicinals Chamomile and Lavender.

I already feel a little goofy doing this but it was actually kinda fun haha.



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