reflections on being a figure study model

August 3rd I go back to attempting my side gig in figure study modeling. About 2-3 years ago I was getting consistent work as a nude and clothed live model for Summit Visual Arts, The Florence Academy in Jersey City, Art Garage, and several others. I was grateful to find work in a field I am passionate about, but my gradual mental decline kind of stopped me from continuing to find work as one.

I finally contacted a few of the studios I was working with and finally got a date for Alan Browns weekly groups. They were great the last time I worked for them, so I am excited to be a part of it again. I feel like I’ve gained a few pounds since my tolerance for adderall has gone up ALOT, and my armpits are fucking shaved WHICH I MISS (weirdly). I personally thought it brought interest to the work and a little vintage Euro flair haha.



Anyhow, anyone whose interested in becoming a figure study model should use common sense and this book:


I bought it through Amazon way after I got into modeling in the first place, I just used it as a handy guide to reassure myself I was doing this right, as well as continuing a steady income and professionalism. Hopefully I can get back into this again, I really enjoyed it.



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