self-soothing the senses



My new medication is making me feel all sorts of bizarre (Concerta XR 37mg) and until I get back to my doctor in a week or two, I am trying to continue (or at least be SEMI-consistent) with this self-soothing routine. I’m keeping a couple things next to my bed to soothe the 5 senses, so here’s a list of a couple of things I’m keeping handy in case I start feeling a little dicey:



Keeping a basket of aromatherapy oils, and just a couple of salves that I find appealing.

1. Badger Sleep Balm: I’ve been a fan of Badger products quite a bit, and being their sore muscle rub is fucking awesome, I had to try their other products. I absolutley love the scent of lavender, I actually downright obsessed with it. My mom has HUGE lavender plants outside that fill the air as soon as I walk outside. I rub a little of this salve on my chest, under my nose, and temples before bed and it puts me right to sleep.

2. Witchbaby Perfume: I’m lucky enough to work for the company Witchbaby Soap in Roselle Park, NJ, so smell-therapy is fulfilled everyday haha. I bought this solid perfume back in March during Monster Mania. I really like the smell of sugar cookies and vanilla, which is comforting when I’m feeling shitty, so I like to keep it by my bed and open it up and pretend that I’m eating sweets which in turn would make me feel shittier…so YEAH this is better.

The other stuff like Tea Tree Oil, Tiger Balm, and the essential oils mentioned in my previous post I bought from amazon. The tea tree and tiger balm are mainly medicinal purposes since I get MASSIVE migraines. They smell terrible and strong, but help whenever I feel a migraine a-brewin.



Himalayan Salt Rock lamp. I love these. I got this one from my boyfriends dad, but I eventually want a collection of these, like the salt rock light basket/bowl, and candle holders.



Smooth beach rocks and my amethyst geode I got from my good friend Patricia for my birthday last year. I love taking a few rocks out and rubbing them, dropping them together, smelling the beach scent on them, and the coolness on my stomach when I’m feeling anxious.



As for taste, I’d like to add something aesthetic or cute on here, but really all I have is lemon Gatorade to keep my hydration levels up because I’m still refusing the necessary amount of liquids a day for some reason 😦 Usually it’s tea, but I don’t feel like getting up and preparing it, which is why my only nutrition today was an Ensure and cheese bagel bites, lols.