chapter 2

the birth of surautomata and incorporation of sisyphus:1983

fig 1. surrealist automatism: ‘the name surautomatism suggests “going beyond” automatism, but whether surautomatism is anything but a group of methods by which surrealist automatism is practiced is controversial.’
fig 1.2february 2015-current: the first collages that connected the bare existence of s:1983’s world and, the surreal, and the representation of my distorted daily singular experience began around april 2014 and ended in the final piece around march 2015.
fig 2. surautoma began from the heavy influence of female automatic surrealist, Unica Zürn. this connected s:1983’s world and the hands-on surreal automatic of my own. each one incorporated the date hidden among the piece and the written emotion. the images represent the physical ‘reality’ damaged by the distorted surreal.
fig 3. the evolution then turned into architecturally correct ‘rooms of life experience‘. each room represent my single physical view(experience) in the subconscious. never ending but when placed together as one, can become one large ‘house’ of the cerebral cortex.
fig. 4 surautomatism on paper
fig. 5 examples of surautomatism reality